Building a Global Team from the Ground Up

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The Challenge

Kandji, a leading SaaS Mobile Device & Security company, was poised for international expansion. Their sights were set on the UK market, with a brand-new office opening in London.

The key hurdle? Building a talented, bilingual team capable of establishing Kandji as a major player in the region. They needed to attract top-tier Bilingual Senior Sales, Bilingual Implementation Consultants, and Customer Success and Support Engineers, all while ensuring a strong ROI on recruitment efforts leading to a 100% probation pass rate and candidates still being with the company over a year later.

Kandji: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

The Solution

Building a Strong Foundation:

Kandji recognized the importance of a strategic recruitment partner. Here’s how we addressed their challenges:

Understanding the Nuances

The UK recruitment landscape has its own subtleties. We leveraged our local expertise to navigate regulations, competitive compensation packages, and cultural preferences.

Optimizing Cost & Efficiency

Minimizing recruitment spend was a priority. We streamlined the process, reducing overall costs and freeing up Kandji’s internal resources to focus on business development and office setup.

Brand Awareness in a New Market

Traditionally, brand recognition for a new entrant can be low. We implemented targeted marketing campaigns showcasing Kandji’s innovative solutions and exciting work environment, attracting bilingual talent passionate about cybersecurity.

Attracting Top Bilingual Talent

Finding skilled professionals fluent in multiple languages can be challenging. We leveraged our extensive network of bilingual candidates across the UK, ensuring a deep pool of qualified individuals to choose from.

The Results

The Winning Formula

Our collaborative approach delivered impressive results:

Building a Bilingual Dream Team

Kandji: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
We successfully recruited a team of Bilingual Senior Sales, Bilingual Implementation Consultants, and Customer Success and Support Engineers, laying the foundation for Kandji’s UK growth.

Cost-Effective Recruitment

Kandji: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
Our streamlined process saved Kandji a significant amount of money compared to traditional recruitment methods and every candidate hired passed probation and was retained.

Speed & Quality

Kandji: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
We filled critical roles quickly, with an average time-to-hire of just 18 days, without compromising on candidate quality.

The Solution

Building a Team that Thrives

In today’s competitive talent market, attracting and retaining top performers requires going beyond just offering a competitive salary and benefits package. By leveraging insights we could explain to candidates the potential of the SaaS Jamf market with stats like below:

Modern Work Demands

The future of work is increasingly hybrid, with employees splitting time between the office and home. Offering device choice empowers your team to work effectively in any location, meeting the demands of a flexible work environment.

Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

The study found that 70% of UK respondents would be more likely to join a company, and 75% more likely to stay, if they could choose their own devices. This translates into increased productivity (87% reported improvement with Apple devices), positivity, and feeling valued.

Reduced IT Burden

The study also found that Apple devices are easier for IT departments to manage and secure compared to non-Apple devices. This translates to a lighter IT workload, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The Kandji Advantage:

By partnering with Wundertalent, you gain a strategic recruitment partner who understands the UK market nuances and the growing importance of employee experience. We can help you build a bilingual team that thrives in a modern work environment, equipped with the right devices to succeed, ultimately driving business growth in the UK.

Tailoring Your Approach

We understand that every company’s needs are unique. Let’s discuss your specific recruitment goals for the UK market and how we can help you build a winning team that’s happy, productive, and future-proofed for success.