At the dawn of its journey, “I SAW IT FIRST” was a fledgling E-commerce startup, brimming with potential yet facing the monumental task of launching its online presence from the ground up.

Hires made across IT, Marketing, Ecommerce
saved vs. agency model
Day average time to hire

Before even a single product was listed online, WüNDER_TALENT joined forces with them, embarking on a mission to build a workforce capable of propelling this ambitious brand into the fiercely competitive realm of online fashion retail. This partnership wasn’t just about recruitment; it was about laying the foundation for a brand determined to make its mark from day one.

I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

The Challenge

Faced with the daunting task of scaling its workforce while minimising recruitment spend, “I SAW IT FIRST” needed a strategy that not only attracted top talent but also aligned with its unique brand story and ambitious growth goals

Our Solution

WüNDER_TALENT introduced a comprehensive talent attraction model tailored to “I SAW IT FIRST”, this involved:

Significant Cost Savings

I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
By streamlining the recruitment process, we reduced recruitment spend, ensuring financial resources were optimised for growth and development.

Brand Promotion

I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
Leveraging our extensive networks, we amplified “I SAW IT FIRST”’s brand and story, attracting candidates who were not just skilled but passionate about the brand’s mission.

Talent Attraction Model

I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
Our bespoke talent attraction model was rolled out, focusing on showcasing “I SAW IT FIRST” as a top employer in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Collaboration with Leadership

I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
We worked hand-in-hand with “I SAW IT FIRST”’s directors, ensuring our recruitment strategy was in perfect harmony with their long-term objectives.

I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

The Result

Our partnership led to the successful placement of critical roles within “I SAW IT FIRST,” significantly reducing
recruitment expenses and enhancing the brand’s presence in the industry. Our tailored approach and close collaboration with the company’s leadership ensured that the talent strategy was not just effective but also sustainable, paving the way for “I SAW IT FIRST” to achieve its ambitious goals.

Countless internal hours that would have otherwise been spent on the recruitment process were freed up to prepare the business for it’s most critical revenue period ever – Black Friday.

  • 365 candidates shortlisted
  • CTO hired within 8 days of the role going live
  • Balancing hiring extremely fast with hiring top talent
  • Head of Ecommerce hired within 14 days
  • Built out the entire IT function consisting of Developers, Testers, Infrastructure Support, DBA’s
  • Streamlined their recruitment process
  • Wundertalent had a member of staff on site three days a week

I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
After struggling to make several key hires within my new business, it was personally recommended to me that I work with WüNDER_TALENT for my new business venture. After they made several key hires within a short space of time, I made the decision to outsource our entire recruitment process to them. They are so passionate about what they do and have a unique approach to talent attraction and risk and reward, which made them feel like they were on our side rather than many other recruiters who just chase commission!. WüNDER_TALENT had a dedicated member of their team on-site with us, full-time, who quickly built strong relationships with our hiring managers and staff to understand our culture. The last thing we want is for a new starter to leave due to a clash of values or cultural unease and that’s what separates WüNDER_TALENT from everyone else… they get us and know who would fit in! My advice to anyone in a similar position is to identify a trusted partner, so they share in the success and risk of staff placement with you, and that they care as much about your success as their own
I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

Jalal Kamani


I SAW IT FIRST Wundertalent Tech Recruitment