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From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope:

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The Challenge, a technology company that once held a coveted “unicorn” status with a $1.5 billion valuation and over 800 employees globally, faced a critical juncture. Following necessary redundancies and navigating a challenging market, they needed to rebuild their workforce across various departments. This task was compounded by a damaged brand reputation, negative online reviews, and a recent emergence from administration.

From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

The Solution

Beyond Filling Roles: Addressing Reputation and Cost Concerns

We stepped in not just as a recruitment agency, but as a true talent partner for We recognised the need to go beyond simply filling positions and address the broader challenge of repairing the company’s image and attracting top talent.

Overcoming the Narrative

Negative online reviews and a tarnished brand reputation presented a significant obstacle. We worked collaboratively with to develop a transparent and honest communication strategy. We openly acknowledged the company’s past challenges while highlighting its positive aspects, such as the strong product, talented existing team, and promising market opportunity. We actively engaged with candidates, providing clear and accurate information throughout the recruitment process.

Juggling Multiple Hats, Delivering Cost Savings

Our role extended beyond traditional recruitment services. We functioned as an extension of’s internal team, acting as employer branding consultants, talent scouts, and interview coordinators. This multifaceted approach helped save significant resources compared to building and managing an internal recruitment function.

Building a High-Performing Team

Despite the daunting circumstances, we successfully recruited over 30 critical roles for, filling crucial positions across various departments. This helped them build a team of high-performing individuals, laying the foundation for future growth.

More than Numbers: Repairing Brand Image

This case study is more than just a list of filled positions. It demonstrates how a strategic and comprehensive recruitment approach can go beyond immediate needs. By combining transparency, honest communication, and cost-effective solutions, we played a vital role in repairing’s brand image and attracting high-caliber talent. This ultimately paved the way for them to rebuild their workforce and regain market confidence.

The Solution

The Winning Formula

Our strategic approach encompassed several key elements:

Structured Recruitment

From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
We implemented a structured approach to SaaS hiring, replacing the previous ad-hoc methods. This included clear job descriptions, defined interview processes, and candidate evaluation frameworks.

System & Process Development

From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
We helped establish robust systems and processes to streamline their recruitment activities. This enhanced their efficiency and ensured consistency in candidate experience.

Bespoke Approach

From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
We understood the unique challenges faced. We adopted a customised approach, utilising various methods to attract talent, including targeted advertising, networking, and industry events.

Transparency & Honesty

From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
We maintained complete transparency and honesty throughout the recruitment process. We openly communicated’s current situation and future aspirations to potential candidates

A Journey of Hope, Not Triumph:

While wasn’t ultimately able to secure the funding needed for long-term success, their journey is a testament to resilience and the power of strategic recruitment. For two years after engaging with our team, they were able to continue operations and build a strong foundation for future possibilities. Although their story may not be one of ultimate success, the work done to rehabilitate the organisation and give it a chance of success remains a testament to the impact of effective recruitment efforts in challenging circumstances.

This case study serves as a reminder that even in the face of immense challenges, strategic recruitment can play a crucial role in rebuilding hope and paving the way for a brighter future.

From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
Just how much of a priority Hiring and Onboarding can be illustrated by the number of open positions we had at any one time. Across geographies and functions, we had over 15 open positions to fill. That’s 15 open positions in a business of about 100, so we were looking to add 15% to our staff base in 2 months. Not an easy task. Fortunately, we had some great help. WüNDER_TALENT and their team became our in-house talent recruitment specialist and were like a dog with a bone seeking out great candidates for our open positions in engineering, sales and marketing.
From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

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From Unicorn Fall to Rebuilding Hope: Wundertalent Tech Recruitment