Crownpeak (previously Attraqt)

Crownpeak stands at the forefront of digital experience management, offering an AI-led and fully accessible Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that places content and commerce at the heart of the buyer’s journey.

Hires made across professional services
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Their platform enables the delivery of personalised content at scale, with AI-driven commerce search, merchandising, and recommendations ensuring that customers receive the best possible experience. As a leader in the ecommerce and SaaS sectors, Crownpeak empowers Companies to orchestrate personalised digital experiences across all content channels, leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the dynamic needs of today’s digital-first world.

Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

The Challenge

As Crownpeak approached a critical juncture in its growth trajectory, the need for strategic key hires became paramount. With the absence of an internal talent acquisition function and a notably high standard for talent, the task presented a formidable challenge. However, WüNDER_TALENT stepped in at this pivotal moment, ready to demonstrate its prowess and resolve.

Crownpeak’s ambition to fill senior technology roles added another layer of complexity to the recruitment effort. This necessitated WüNDER_TALENT to leverage its expansive network and comprehensive database of tech professionals.

As SaaS recruitment specialists within the Ecommerce sector, WüNDER_TALENT was uniquely positioned to address Crownpeak’s specialised needs. The collaboration underscored WüNDER_TALENT’s commitment to deploying its industry-specific expertise and resources to meet the intricate demands of securing elite talent for pivotal positions in a highly competitive landscape.

The Solution

WüNDER_TALENT devised a holistic talent acquisition strategy for Crownpeak, focused on addressing the unique challenges presented by their high standards for talent and the absence of an internal recruitment function.

This comprehensive approach included:

Strategic Talent Mapping

Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
Utilising an in-depth analysis of the digital experience management and SaaS sectors to identify and target individuals with the specific skill sets required by Crownpeak.

AI-Enhanced Recruitment Tools

Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to streamline the search and selection process, ensuring a match between Crownpeak’s needs and the candidate’s capabilities.

Personalised Engagement

Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
Implementing a candidate engagement strategy that highlights Crownpeak’s innovative culture and cutting-edge projects, appealing to top-tier talent who seek meaningful work in a dynamic environment.

Expertise in SaaS and Ecommerce

Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
By drawing upon WüNDER_TALENT’s specialised knowledge and extensive network within these sectors, the strategy prioritised precision in matching Crownpeak with professionals who not only met but exceeded their stringent criteria.

Partnership Approach

Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
Working closely with Crownpeak’s leadership to understand their vision and translate it into an actionable recruitment plan that aligns with the company’s growth objectives and values.

The Result

  • 9 Hires made across professional services
  • 18 Days time to hire
  • 100% Acceptance rate

Praise from our client…

Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment
We work in a very tough space when it comes to talent and the type of skills that we want to attract. Demand is high and supply is low! WüNDER_TALENT are experts in their field and have the resilience required for a high-demand market. As brand ambassadors for Crownpeak it is imperative for the longevity of success and talent retention, that they are ‘true storytellers’ about the great, good and sometimes challenging aspects of our culture. WüNDER_TALENT has proven themselves time and time again, protected our story and ensured we had the best introductions to the top talent, not just available talent. We are proud to call them a preferred supplier and highly recommend them.
Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

Andrea Nicol

Interim Head of Talent

Crownpeak (previously Attraqt) Wundertalent Tech Recruitment