We never judge a book by its cover, and

neither should you. Hire top talent based on

facts, not preconceived opinions.


of job seekers have experienced discrimination during a job
interview? Yes, you read that right, 73% have been
discriminated against due to age, gender, looks, background
and more

Unbiased-Backup-6-1-2023 Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

blocks out all the above. It has inclusion and diversity at the
forefront. It includes software to deliver blind interviews and
then evaluates and measures soft-skills and personality traits.

We ensure an unbiased-no discriminative sourcing


CVs are anonymous as well as the psychometric test

tests aimed at making sure candidates are meeting the

competencies for the role. We go through the results

and then hand over the recruitment to you.

If you want more info on WünderTalent Unbiased,

get in touch with one of our team.

Unbiased-Backup-6-1-2023 Wundertalent Tech Recruitment