Implementation Consultants in SaaS have to wear many hats. From project management to customer support, everything seems to be a task for an implementation consultant. In this article, we’ll enumerate the various tasks an implementation consultant might do for your SaaS company.

Project Management

In collaboration with the senior project manager, an implementation consultant will have to assist with the development and client implementation of project plans. To ensure timely installations, the consultant will also align all implementation activities between the client, the vendor, and internal departments.

The ideal implementation consultant will also have a strong focus on product integration and overall project management. Writing process documentation and test scripts for consumers is also a task that an implementation consultant can perform. He or she will also have to mentor the Implementation Consultation team.

Workflow Analysis

To ensure that critical processes are accurately reflected and supported, your implementation consultant must also perform a workflow analysis of current processes. He or she can also deliver a current state workflow analysis report with tips for improvement and more efficiency.

An implementation consultant must also be able to develop workflow analysis for customer support. This comes in handy addressing business and systems issues, while determining customer needs through chat and workflow analysis and configuring software accordingly.

Business Requirements

An implementation consultant must be able to recommend software modifications to meet business requirements. It’s also part of their job to provide technical and advisory support to customers to ensure the development and implementation of products adhere to business requirements.

They can also help with analysis, education, functional testing, conversion and interface design. Together with business analysts, they can also interview clients and understand critical business requirements.


Your implementation consultant will work with your Payroll Director and Manager to identify areas of vulnerability and improvement. He or she can manage multiple complex implementation projects simultaneously using their extensive human resources and payroll knowledge.

An implementation consultant will also assist your payroll director with temporary management needs and help your project management team with implementation.

Business Processes

Another task that the implementation consultant might have to fill is creating customer documentation. This goes hand in hand with leading specific training to their implementation and business processes improvement. To leverage the database to support additional business processes or functions, he or she will have to work with management to identify new opportunities.

According to your company business goals, your implementation consultant will recommend changes in software development, business processes, maintenance and system standards.

Your implementation consultant will also prepare comprehensive documentation for the business processes that are developed and implemented, while preparing, maintaining and updating the correct procedures. He or she will make recommendations to improve processes when appropriate.

Customer Service

Developing and maintaining positive customer relationships through a constant and consistent customer service is also part of the implementation consultant’s tasks. This professional should be able to provide exceptional customer service, be responsive, and enable loyal client relationships.

Your implementation consultant will also manage customer service implementation and provide support for the existing product portfolio. It’s up to this professional to train new enrolment and billing consultants and customer service reps, while mentoring new claims processors.


It will also be required of your implementation consultant to use his or her skills in PL/SQL and Java languages to successfully execute implementation and integration of Oracle products into your workflow.

He or she will have to write and debug stored procedures, views, and functions for clients as needed. An implementation consultant might have to train his or her colleagues in SQL functions so they’ll be able to engage with technical client teams.

It should also be common for your implementation consultant to develop SQL scripts for automating data engagement and maintenance.


To ensure accurate setups, your SaaS implementation consultant will help develop communication protocols and interaction procedures with vendors, back end processors, and financial institutions.

He or she will have to provide them with system setup and configuration guidance, troubleshooting and support for all areas. It’s up to your implementation consultant to coordinate interface development and testing with various internal departments as well as external clients.

Tech Support

Your implementation consultant should assure the  successful technical support of applications supported by your company, including incidents, minor changes and application improvement. He or she would have to assure that appropriate tools are developed and technical issues are resolved, working closely with application tech support.

It’s his or her job as well to mentor and provide technical support to junior implementation associates, as well as on-the-job training for new implementation specialists. One of the implementation consultant’s most common tasks is to manage the implementation process from the initial client kick-off to post-production tech support.


Based upon industry requirements, it’s up to the implementation consultant to conduct web-based technical demonstrations to prospective customers, showing features and benefits of your software. He or she will also provide insights into customer behaviour, developing and implementing Web-based tools to track implementations of the enterprise solutions suite.

Test Plans

According to customer requirements and documentation, another of the implementation consultant’s tasks will be to execute implementation and test plans. Lead test engagements will be defined by the same person as they define test plans.

They can also create client specific test scenarios to meet their client’s requirements for a test plan. Writing documentation, scripts, test plans, user manuals and training also relies on the implementation consultant for supervision or maybe some hands-on work. He or she will also develop generic system test plans to be used with all customers.

Successful Implementation

Gathering both business and tech requirements, it’s also part of the implementation consultant’s job to create use-case documentation, and perform platform analysis to ensure a successful implementation path.

He or she will also assess existing specifications and identify any new requirements to determine the appropriate implementation strategy and plan accordingly. Your implementation consultant will also need to be informed of all barriers that create unsatisfied clients so they can prevent those issues and ensure a successful implementation.

Training Programs

Once again, the implementation consultant should at least overview the process of technical training programs and associated documentation for installation and configuration of your software.

He or she will design client-specific training programs and conduct classroom training customised for power-users and end-users. It’s up to him or her to document hourly services processes for internal and client-facing training programs. Your implementation consultant will also develop training programs for clients and participate in evaluating training programs.

As you can see, an implementation consultant’s job is never finished. He or she’s not there just to assist with implementation; that professional is going to have a lot of tasks attributed to, in cooperation with project managers, customer service managers, and plenty of other roles. So, it is essential to find out the right implementation consultant for your team. To find out the best SaaS professionals, reach out for SaaS recruitment agencies in London or Manchester. They’ll be able to figure out just what you need for the role and help you along the way.