We all want our business to succeed. The rate of our success is entirely dependent on our sales and returns. How well we prosper is directly linked to how well we attract our customers and commit them to a sale. This is true regardless of whether you’re a start-up or an established venture.

A popular method to increase sales is to go through the Ecommerce avenue. Online shopping provides a huge array of options that negate the need for extra staff and training requirements. For example, hiring one member of staff with Ecommerce expertise can save you time and money in the long run, while it results in faster returns and increased productivity in the short term.

Here at WunderTalent, we know all about the incredible benefits of the Ecommerce and SaaS sector, which is why we vet our candidate’s skills and guarantee high quality performance outputs from every member of staff we put forward.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are some of our top tips for boosting Ecommerce sales, straight from the mouths of our experts.

Mandatory checkout registrations put off customers

People don’t enjoy being forced to sign up for services they might not necessarily want long term. In fact, forcing a mandatory sign-up upon checkout often has the opposite effect, essentially putting off your potential customer before you get them over the sale finish line.

So, if you want to see higher conversion rates, ditch the mandatory check-out registration. Instead, think about making it optional. That way, people are free to sign up as and when it’s more convenient for them, increasing the likelihood that they’ll return to your online store.

Offer incentives! Great content yields greater engagement

Who reads online newsletters? Our guess is that very few people want to sign up for a newsletter while browsing through an online store, unless they have a very worthwhile incentive for doing so. That’s why it’s important to make your site stand out. Some incentives can include offers like ‘first time buyer coupons’ or ‘30% off if you buy today.’

You could even offer free content associated with your products, like manuals or help sheets. We advise that if you do want a newsletter on your website, make it ‘pop-up’ during an action. If you have it there the moment they visit your site, you’re likely to put your customer off browsing further.

Upsell the key benefits of your product/s

It might seem obvious, but your product page should convince and entice your customers from the get-go, increasing sales and upping conversion rates. And, for that, a decent copywriter is essential. By making the key features and exclusive benefits of the products easy to find and engaging to read, you increase the likelihood of making a sale.

One top tip is to keep that sales copy near the top of your website page. Having it at the end decreases the chances of your customers seeing it, as it depends on whether they’re engaged enough to scroll down or not.

An engaging UVP on your homepage is essential

The ways you can create an engaging Unique Value Proposition (UVP) are endless. This remains true for Ecommerce as well. The advantages of using your website opposed to one of your competitors needs to be obvious from the minute they open your site. Using an UVP to do this is easy. All that’s needed is for you to highlight the reasons using your website is the better option. Some ideas you can utilise to do this are:

  • Place your UVP above the page fold
  • Use an engaging title
  • Show any significant media attention or awards you have received
  • Highlight how long you’ve been in the business if it’s a significant amount of time
  • Add any positive third-party ratings
  • Include a range of exclusive offers/special features etc.

So, there you have it! We hope you find these top tips useful.

If you’d like to get in touch and see how WunderTalent can help you with your Ecommerce and SaaS recruitment needs, please contact us here. With over ?? years in the industry, we provide a unique and tailored solution that puts only the highest quality, vetted and experienced candidates in front of you.