When businesses start to worry about the future, their knee jerk reaction is to start making cuts. This includes cutting overheads, postponing projects and what seems to be pretty prevalent at the minute – redundancies. 

But why would a recruitment specialist like ourselves, use the fact you feel you have to make redundancies, to showcase our service. Well, allow us to explain by highlighting the benefits of outsourcing your recruitment.

1. Flexibility

We’re completely flexible. You can outsource the whole process or just part of it and we’re able to scale up or down depending on what you need and when. When your unsure about what the year holds, it makes it impossible to forecast the roles you may need to fill. Because of this, do you need an internal acquisition partner that you pay regardless of whether you have a hire surge or not? Probably not. 

2. Cost reduction – our hire now, pay later.

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to hear about how they can save money during uncertain times.

But how can you save money by bringing in a third party? Well it’s simple. Our expertise significantly reduces your cost-per-hire meaning you get more bang for your buck.

Here at WunderTalent we go one step further with our hire now, pay later.  We let our clients split their invoices into manageable payments at no extra cost meaning you can get talent through the door faster without worrying about a large one-off fee. 

It gives you the opportunity to align your recruiting costs with the value that the employee is creating in the business, giving you a much better ROI on the new talent.

3.  A data-driven approach

If you want to find out what a data-driven approach is in more detail, then head to our previous blog.

If not, let us summarise. Using data-driven processes makes life so much easier as well as improving efficiency. We understand the SaaS and tech recruitment space better than anyone else and have tonnes of data we can use to improve your hiring process and reduce costs.

4. Using our talent pools 

We pride ourselves on our diverse talent pool. We deliver outstanding candidates by analysing your desired skills and your team culture using our innovative sourcing process, providing you with the dynamics from which winning teams are made.

We combine marketing and recruitment technology to create a deep candidate pool meaning you have access to the best talent in the business. Not only do we make sure their skills match your needs, we make sure they fit into your culture too. 

We know there are a lot of people worrying right now and we get it (LinkedIn really hasn’t helped with this one) but you’ve got to remember it’s only temporary.

Keep calm, plan ahead and don’t jump straight into cutting costs and freezing your hiring – that’s just a quick fix and may be damaging in the long run.

Need a bit of guidance? Then just get in touch with jay@wundertalent.co.uk or matt@wundertalent.co.uk