Human Resources is a huge part of the success of any small software company. They are constantly on the hunt for new talent, and they have the same challenges that larger companies, except sometimes they’re magnified by their difficulty in offering the same perks.

There is evidence that talent issues affect productivity, efficiency and innovation capability. HR teams in software companies now face a decline in iT as a career choice while at the same time struggle with employee retention.

Both these issues make working at HR in a software company a constant struggle that extends their role way beyond hiring. More than HR reps in other industries, information technology HR professionals need to be exceptional at talent management by addressing its cultural, career paths and benefits aspects.


Recruiting in a software company must anticipate both labor market trends and the company’s needs, such as product development plans and market expansion strategy.

For successful recruiting, HR managers must not only be good at assessing candidate’s technical prowess, but they must also be in touch with their hiring sources through social media and have proper networking skills to get referrals.

Employers of choice should also have a few characteristics that set them apart from other employers: opportunities for career development, a positive work environment, equitable compensation and flexible scheduling for ensuring work-life balance.

It’s not uncommon for HR departments of software companies to need help. In this case, they can always look out for digital recruitment specialists and tech recruitment agencies which will make sure they acquire the talent HR needs for their company.

Work Environment and Company Culture

Stress in your work environment contributes to making your employees sick and miserable. Common stress factors include zero tolerance for mistakes, marathon work sessions to meet deadlines on often abandoned projects, and a lack of employee appreciation.

HR must hold supervisors accountable for employee retention and tutor them in team building, mentoring, employee recognition, and being receptive to their employees’ suggestions. They must also be aware of their role in the company’s culture.

Opportunities for Career Development

Dr. Catherine Ashcroft, from the National Center for Women in Information Technology, notes that 61% of mid-level employees in the tech industry consider opportunities for career development essential to keep them in the same company. While good teamwork and collaboration are success indicators for employees, these soft skills are often overlooked in promotion decisions.

To prevent this issue, HR must develop a promotion-from-within strategy to be applied consistently and without bias. It’s really important to train supervisors according to this strategy, so that they’re able to discuss career options and goals, develop their employees and give them appropriate feedback on their work.

These factors will improve communication and make sure the company has the right emphasis on career development to keep employees from looking for a job elsewhere. To make sure the best employees stay in your software company, formal employee training programs are also a great tool.

Work Flexibility

According to surveys, employees consider elimination of 24/7 availability and job flexibility major factors in staying or leaving a company. HR must use this data as a basis for initiatives that promote a flexible and family-friendly work culture.

These initiatives include telecommuting, examining current workforce distribution according to part-time or full-time status, requiring flexible scheduling, providing programs that allow employees to take some time off work and come back, and also ensuring that flexible schedules and telecommuting do not undermine those employees’ performance ratings.

These are the many roles your HR team has to handle on a daily basis. The tips we gave should be part of your hiring and employee retention strategies, if they aren’t already. It’s essential for your company to have the right talent – and our software recruitment specialists in London can assure just that. If your HR team has too much on their plate already, do not be afraid to seek the help of tech recruitment agencies for your company.