5 Warning Signs You Need A New Job

So it’s January and naturally you have reneged on all of your resolutions, you are drinking so much Prosecco that people say bless you every time you ask for another bottle. You are spending your evenings unproductively rotting your mind by binging on Big Brother and Ex on The Beach.

But at work that is your moment to shine: You are staying strong to trying to be as productive as possible, however something isn’t quite hitting the spot at your place of work.

At WunderTalent we thought let us have a look at 5 reasons why you need to start looking for a new position / company. (Note I disregarded because I want you too as a reason).


They are not listening to your ideas.

Your ideas are not being heard. You are being fobbed off or you can’t seem to get time with the ‘powers that be’. If your ideas are no longer heard or valued; or you cannot get approvals or acknowledgment forgreat work, think about finding a new job.

I mean a company out there definitely will value you.


You are bored as f*ck at work.

Hockett and Kahn say “When you’ve outgrown the position and there is no opportunity for advancement–or you seem to work the same job day in, day out without any opportunity for growth, even though you crave more–it’s time to get out.”

It’s true of you’re bored and stagnating at your job. If you’re not growing or learning anything new, it might be time to start looking.


They want you to do more work, without more pay.

Your job duties have gotten greater to the extent you are currently balancing a stapler on your nose while doing the accounts, but the pay hasn’t moved like a mannequin challenge.

Especially true if the company is performing well, but it’s not reflected in your salary or other rewards.

Speak to the boss and if that doesn’t work. Key his car … I mean look for alternative places of employment.


The Company culture makes you want to cry.

“You feel that there are ethical or moral differences in how the company and you believe the firm should operate; cultural differences; work ethic clashes, and so on,”.

Basically you don’t fit in with the corporate culture and/or you don’t believe in the company anymore. Get out, get out now … The arguments that are on the horizon will leave you contemplating workplace violence, trust me on this one from personal experience.


Productivity is taking a dip

If you are no longer producing at work it could simply mean you need a few days off or a break … What if there are deeper reasons at work? If you’re no longer as productive at work, even though you’re capable of performing the task at a high level. It may be time to look at what else is out there.

By  Jay Andrew Odeka – Director @WunderTalent & @WunderTech

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