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Showcasing workplace culture through the recruitment process

Showcasing workplace culture through the recruitment process Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

We bet that anytime you ask a candidate at the end of an interview if they have any questions, they follow it with ‘what is the workplace culture like’.

The typical 9-5 good salary job just doesn’t cut it anymore. Employees expect flexibility, perks and for the companies they work for to go that extra mile. They also want to work for companies whose values align with their own. 

With that being said, the recruitment process is the ideal time to showcase what you do as it could be what sets you apart from other companies the candidate may be interviewing for. 

So, what are the best practices to incorporate company culture into your recruitment process?

1. Realistic job previews

If the name doesn’t give it a way, a realistic job preview is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s giving candidates a true insight into what they can expect from the role – the good, the bad and the ugly. These make sure that candidates know exactly what to expect from the company and the role. No surprises means higher retention. 

 To find out more about how important these are, head to our previous blog. 

2. Employer brand videos

Employer brand is something you should be showcasing across your social media anyway as candidates tend to check these platforms prior to applying for a role. 

Incorporating these into your recruitment process is a strong way of showing potential employees what you stand for and what it is like to work in your business.

Videos can include virtual tours, current employee testimonials and spotlights or even company away days/socials. 

3. Nailing the job spec

It might be strange to start on a ‘negative’ but making sure your job spec highlights your company values and beliefs means that candidates can ‘self-disqualify’ if they feel you don’t align – which makes sure neither of your time is wasted!

There will be plenty of potential candidates who have the rights skills for the role, but that simply isn’t enough anymore. 

4. Virtual tryout

This not only gives candidates a real taste of the job and company, it also makes the recruitment process a lot more engaging – no one wants a long, boring interview process.

Virtual job tryouts simultaneously shows workplace culture as well as making sure their skills are the right ones for the role. What’s not to like!

And on a final note, having a strong workplace culture doesn’t just mean you attract better candidates, it also means you’re more likely to keep the incredible talent you already have.

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