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How To Write A Job Description

Marketing recruitment specialists in Manchester should make sure they know how to write a great job description in order to find the best people for their new roles.

If you have a new opening in your office, then make sure you follow these steps to write the best possible job description.


Job title

This is one of the most important parts of the job description as it is the first thing a job seeker will see. For job seekers who have online alerts set up for new jobs, it is important to get this right so it makes it to the right people. Be honest and clear here, to avoid getting applications from people who do not suit the role.


Job Summary

Open with a clear summary making the parameters and aims of the job clear. That means a clear location, hours, salary and information on the team the successful candidate will be working with.


Qualifications and skills

If these are rigid then make that clear straight away. If there is a bit more room for flexibility for the right candidate then make this clear also. Make sure you include non-academic skills and qualifications.


Responsibilities and duties

This is the nitty gritty of the job description and is essential for both tempting potential candidates and also helping candidates make an informed decision about whether or not they want to apply for the role.

If there is any room for scope for candidates to make the job their own then make that clear.