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One thing I’ve always thought is that the size of the IT channel is intrinsically linked to the technology it supplies and supports,  there is just so many areas of potential growth or wilderness for organisations. I thought it pertinent to look at what some of organisations feel are areas of growth and consolidation in 2018.

Ben Boswell, area vice president for Europe at Worldwide Technology, said budgets are being adjusted from IT buying centres into cybersecurity.

“Business are required to ‘shore up’ their Tier 0 applications to ensure they are protected from breach, also to satisfy compliance and regulations, with GDPR growing ever nearer, and to prevent operational impact,” said Boswell.

I don’t know much on this but GDPR and how it is adopted and implemented will be a watchword for 2018 IT.

“Multi-cloud will ultimately win out of necessity for businesses to survive. The demand for rapid execution and delivery will increase, as customers adopting cloud expect payback through datacentre and campus consolidation and technology cessation.”

“Public cloud adoption has reached a tipping point,” said Nathan Marke, chief digital officer at Daisy Group. “No longer the realm of the software developer or the funky web app, the functional evolution of all the major public cloud provider platforms, coupled with their landing their platforms in the UK, now enables common or garden workloads to become contenders for transformation.

“In my view, although the market is predicting high growth rates for public cloud, adoption rates will in reality be far higher because UK companies will now consider wholesale rather than single workload moves to public cloud.”

So does that  mean a rise in the SD-Wan skill? Perhaps ….

Marke also mentioned that when you’ve got one thing highersooner and cheaper, the pull is unstoppable. Couple this with value, complexity and regulatory points confronted by IT departments and you’ve got all of the circumstances for an exponential rise in adoption.

Martin Hess, chairman of OCSL, technology will continue to innovate, with five areas in particular leading the way.

“Firstly, wearables will begin to become more pervasive across many industries through 2018, with adoption especially growing in healthcare. We’ll see lots of interest from more established players such as Apple in this space as a result,” said Hess.

“Related to this, secondly, augmented reality will break away from VR [virtual reality] to become a more widely adopted tech – think intelligent, not hybrid, cars.”

Lots to think about!

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