Meet The Team Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

Jay Andrew Odeka


Trained as a solicitor and ran a
successful events management
company before landing his true
calling in recruitment. He thinks his
card trick is like Derren Brown on
steroids. We’re still waiting for

Meet The Team Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

Matt Williams


He may have over ten years
experience in recruitment across IT,
enterprise sales and marketing, but
he thinks tea and coffee is
overrated. We don’t trust him.

The Right Team Makes

The Impossible Possible

Our belief is what lies at the heart of our business and therefore our brand. It’s our
motivation, the reason why we do what we do.

For thousands of years walking on the moon was considered a fantasy then in 1969
an expertly-assembled team made that giant leap a reality.

For us, the right team consists of two core elements

Talent & Culture