Why you are losing Tech Staff?

One of the benefits for the WunderTalent team is sharing an office with Marketers, Software Engineers and Tech Staff, we can speak to them and pick their brains about what it is that has made them want to leave their previous roles and what it is that makes them consider new opportunities.

So here are the top 10 reasons why people we have spoken have chose. (Tally chart vote system)

#1 Relationship Breakdown

#2 Loss of faith in the company and the direction it is taking

#3 Loss of faith in the project, its not something you take pride in / want to put your name to

#4 Boring Production process / Not agile

#5 Feeling Undervalued

#6 Being underpaid vs the market rate

#7 Not feeling listened too

#8 The Urge to see what else is out there due to being in a certain role for over 3 years known as “The Itch”

#9 Not being kept in the loop about hiring decisions / business health

#10 Using old technologies, Not wanting to use legacy code.

It would be great to see other reasons that may have come up for you in the past or in exit interviews. If you dont want to comment or you feeling like some of these reasons apply to you then let us know!