As your business grows, gets new client wins the team will have to grow, too. To speed up development of all those features your customers want, to give high standards for account management, ensuring you have the best UX, The best engineers the list can be pretty long!

How to intelligently grow your IT, Sales & Development team: Recruitment Guide Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

Your business may already attracted a lot of tech talent, but when hiring for any quantity of candidates who meet your quality requirements, you may have to look beyond the immediate local talent pool.

Who is the first hire?

If you don’t already have a person or team dedicated to hiring into your company, it will make your job massively easier if you find one before starting your recruitment project or even allocate responsibilities to someone. An in-house recruiter is more economical than a recruiting agency and helps people who snugly fit your job requirements and company culture but When interviewing for a vast array of roles may not be practical, or if just a vacancy a year so a recruiter may be a good shout.

To hire one role, you’ll need to have at least 7 to 10 candidates going through the interview process, and your recruiter will need to find and evaluate 30 potential leads, to find those 10 candidates.

A great recruiter not only finds candidates, and helps to evaluate whether candidates are a cultural fit which is as you are aware, very important.

Having a one central figure helps to give a consistent, cohesive view of the company, it also allows for a positive impression of the company, even if the candidate is unsuccessful … people talk you know!

Hiring process:

Imperative to fully define the recruitment process so at least everyone understands the stages of the process, as well as which stage each of the candidates is in.

Step 1: Introductory interview (first half explaining your business, what you do, our values and processes, as well as the kind of person we look for; second half allowing candidates to tell their story and why they are interested in the company and the relevant position).

Step 2: If its a technical position we may need some documentation, sometimes a test task to check the candidate’s technical abilities, you may gather discreet references from people you may know who may have worked with or come across the candidate.

Step 3: If the person is joining a technical team or a team where there is someone who is somewhat autonomous their opinions matter on the candidate too, get other technical members of staff to run the rule over them.

Step 4: Interview with the MD / Founder to ensure that, at least by now, the candidate understands the past and expected trajectory of the company and their role in its continued growth.

As you can see, hiring is like a sales pipeline:

You’re selling your company to the candidate, and the candidate is selling their skills to your company. Keep a record with all information about candidates, their communication, and feedback. That way you can regularly review the process to see what needs tweaking.

Whats the Onboarding process?

How do you get your new hires started? This can make or break the relationship with your new hire!

On Day One, what do you do? Do people get the usual information about the company and receive their laptops and access to various systems? What about on the second day? After a week training, are new employees are capable of helping your customers?

An effective onboarding process which is consistent and transparent can work wonders for your business.

Hire Graduates and Juniors

A blend of senior employees and juniors has countless benefits for your organisation. Junior people have a lot of energy and motivation to learn new things; almost everything is new to them, and they’re motivated to fix small problems or implement tasks that senior people find annoying and boring.

Pay Relocation Expenses

When you have saturated the market and you are struggling to bring through anymore relevant CVs. Relocation costs tantamount to a months salary that can be deducted back or not if you are feeling generous takes away one of the more onerous reasons why people can be hesitant to move and allows your business access to a range of prospective candidates.

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