Right, before we start on this one, everyone needs to be clear on what ‘quality of hire’ actually means. 

It’s simple. 

Definition: The value the new hire contributes to the company’s overall success. As well as individually, the quality of hire can also measure the businesses overall recruitment success. Are the right people being put in the right roles according to your business needs and goals?

Having an improved quality of hire and smashing your hiring processes not only has a positive impact on your company but also has big perks on your current team.

So, what are they?

  • It increases employee retention meaning employees are more likely to stay at your company.
  • Employee engagement also increases. When you employ people who are a good cultural fit for your company, coworkers want to spend more time together.
  • Job satisfaction improves as new hires are put in jobs suited to them and will be a role they can fly in.
  • Turnover decreases – if people are staying in your company, then you don’t need to be forking out hiring costs.
  • Then all the above contribute to a rise in productivity. A happy team means a happy and productive working life.

Anyway, now we’ve discussed the importance of improving your hire quality,, let’s look into the ways you can improve it.

1. Measure your quality of hire

If you don’t know where you currently are, how are you supposed to improve it? This will allow you to set goals with a realistic timeline. If you have a lot of work to do, it’s only natural it’s going to take some time.

2. Nail your job spec

It sounds so simple but so many companies lose the chance to hire good staff by not being clear on the job spec. Cut out the fluff, be super clear on the parameters and aims of the job and the responsibilities the successful candidate will have. 

3. Make use of AI

You can take advantage of this by using things such as machine learning to help advertise, screen and assess potential candidates. It can also predict future hires needed and develop a more efficient hiring process. It also saves a hell of a lot of time.

4. Gather pre and post hire data – and use it

Every decision that is backed by data is a stronger decision than one that isn’t. Using recruitment platforms give you access to things such as candidate insights, time to action insights and so much more.

5. Collab with hiring managers

Partner up from the beginning and work together to define the roll and what qualifications are needed (and put it in the job spec – see point 2). Making sure everyone is on the right page will massively increase the chance of finding the right candidate.

6. Remember the importance of cultural fit

Many hiring failures are due to new hires not being the right cultural fit. Someone can be amazing on paper but an a*se in real life – so make sure you find out. Whether that’s by scenario tests, trial days (you test drive a car before you drive it right?) or asking the right questions. It’s better to have a hole in your team than an a*sehole.

7. Involve the team

Who knows the company day-to-day better than the people doing it? They know the skills gaps and they probably know the company and what it stands for better than anyone else. Involving them is also a good way to make sure you’re hitting point 6.

8. Don’t be bias

To stay objective, make decisions based on pre-hire data and utilise AI to help with your candidate screening process. Keep names, age and gender anonymous and assess people based on their skills and profile alone.

9. Don’t fall short at the onboarding process

First impressions and all that. That’s all that needs to be said on that one.

10. Review and improve

Nothing ever stays perfect for long, so even if you think your quality of hire is top-notch, there will be changes to be made soon enough. So keep on top of it. We recommend it at least twice a year.

Yes, we know this is a long list, but remember that every change and improvement you make now will lead to a strategic and successful recruitment process – saving time and money in the long run.

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