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How to hire during rapid growth

You’re undoubtedly going to hit some speed bumps when growing a company at a rapid rate. But do you know what helps? Having the right people in the right places.

It goes without saying that making the wrong hire is a waste of time and money, so here are some things to remember when growing at scale.

1. Know who you need 

Firstly, you need to know exactly who you are as a business and what you stand for. Why did the founders start the business in the first place and where does the business plan to be in the next 5-10 years?  Being able to answer these questions makes sure that you are filling the right roles.

You also need to have a lot of conversations with people in your business. What does each department feel they need and why?

You then need to be super clear in your job ads to attract the right people. Make sure you are painting the right picture on the job spec. What skills do they need? What value will that position be bringing to the business?

Remember to also use inclusive language. You don’t want to automatically disregard the best candidate because you haven’t used language which makes everyone feel included. 

Make sure you’re posting your job ads in the right places. Are you using data driven recruitment to help you decide where it should go?

2. Have dedicated people in place

We’re not just talking about the person who is always on time, is at all the office socials and absolutely loves what they do. We’re talking about a dedicated team for recruitment.

This could either be in-house or an industry professional recruiter (10/10 would recommend by the way) who can source, interview and onboard new candidates. You may have been able to do this yourself previously but when you rank the hiring up a notch, it’s impossible to do it yourself.

Your hiring process needs to be bulletproof. What are the stages each candidate needs to go through? 

We know that each role may require a different process but there are things you need to keep consistent. The main one being, don’t make the process long and tedious as this can lead to losing good candidates – remember you’re all fighting for the same top talent.

3. Automation and tracking 

Data and AI makes life so much easier as it can take on a lot of work, therefore saving you time and money.

You can take advantage of this by using things such as machine learning to help advertise, screen and assess potential candidates. It can also predict future hires needed and develop a more efficient hiring process. 

Once the right candidates have reached out, do your thank you emails or interview requests need to be sent manually? We certainly don’t think so.

Keeping track of everything will also give you insight into your hiring process. Where are the best candidates coming from? Which sources aren’t working and which recruitment agencies are proving the best talent pools?

4. Onboarding

Yes, we know we talk about this a lot and we won’t stop. You don’t want to go through the hard work of the above and then lose good candidates at the first hurdle. 

Who is going to be responsible for the onboarding? What are the important things it needs to cover?

It’s proven that a strong onboarding process improves employee retention. That is all.

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