Running an online business is multi-faceted and time consuming. Balancing each of the day-to-day tasks it entails to ensure its success can lead to stress and reduced productivity. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall halfway through the year, you’re likely overworked and in need of an innovative solution.

At Wundertalent, we believe there’s an answer. By utilising affiliate marketing as part of your business strategy, the burden to continually market yourself is taken away. Instead, you leverage publishers from all over the world to help you promote your business, freeing up your time to focus on staying ahead of your rivals.

The right ecommerce software solution will not only free up your time, it will make you more efficient by providing the best tools to improve conversion rates. However, choosing the right solution can be a daunting task. With so many options available, how do you go about deciding which one is the best solution for your business?

One way is to use a site called ZippyCart. It’s an online platform that rates, reviews, and compares a range of hosted and licensed shopping carts, allowing merchants to sell online. It’s a quick and efficient way to choose the best ecommerce software solution, with the added benefit of cost savings if you manage to move to a more affordable option.

Reading shopping cart reviews are notoriously tricky, with no standardised method across each site, but ZippyCart has an informative page explaining their unique scoring system, assuring merchants on exactly how the final rankings of each ecommerce software are determined. For example, 10 different factors are considered while forming their reviews, with each factor weighted in line with how important it is to merchants.

Another aspect of ZippyCart we liked was their focus on hosted shopping carts. Hosted shopping carts can be used by almost any merchant (even if they’re not a web developing expert). It’s a smart solution for anyone looking to start their first online store, because hosted ecommerce software means less time on set up and maintenance, and more time to focus on other areas, such as your sales strategy.

It’s no secret that merchants are becoming more tech savvy each year. Everyone wants to ensure they have the latest cutting-edge tools and technologies included in their ecommerce solution. ZippyCart and their ecommerce blog provides unique insight on changes in the industry, so if you’re looking to switch ecommerce solutions or launch your first ecommerce store, we suggest you take some time to read the shopping cart reviews on ZippyCart. It will help you make a choice about the best software to power your online business.