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Talent System to attract the top 20% of SAAS & Ecommerce Professionals

What are your recruitment problems?

Hiring costs are steadily increasing
You’re just not getting the dynamic and innovative quality of candidates you need
It takes too long to hire for business-critical positions, so you cant move forward
The full cost of a bad hire scares you to indecision, we have all been there.
You have no set recruitment process: No unified sourcing strategy or system
Whether you are a direct hiring manager, or you support your hiring managers as either a talent acquisition leader or HR professional; you will no doubt be familiar with the above.
What if you could increase your visibility and ability to attract the top 20% of SAAS, TECH & eCommerce talent
What if the cost of hiring is irrelevant because of the high value of your new hire brought gave you an incredible return on investment?
What if your best performers not only exceeded their objectives but attracted other like-minded star players to your company.
What if you could increase speed to hire  SAAS, TECH & eCommerce professionals in business-critical roles
What if you had a hiring system embedded into the DNA  & Culture of your business that consistently delivered
We created a “6 step Performance Hiring System” which consistently delivers outstanding, predictable hiring outcomes. What’s more, we know the SAAS, TECH & eCommerce industry intimately. Most importantly, we know how these elements fit together to form a cohesive strategy that brings huge immediate value to your business.
So whether you need to build an entire team from scratch, fix one that isn’t working, or you already know all of this like the back of your hand out and simply need another standout talent for your team, we can make it happen.
Our Talent Pool
Our recruiting time is allocated mainly to 80% passive tech talent, and generally place candidates we’ve known for months, waiting for the right position. Also the best in active candidates as well from our extensive marketing and candidate attraction campaigns.
Our Familiarity with the SAAS & eCommerce Market
We map out every corner the market, and we know the best options, ultimately submitting the top 20% of our shortlists.
Our Automation & Candidate System
We have AI and Automated processes system: Faster PreScreening, Candidate Ranking & Candidate Matching
Our Attention to Your Brand
We position and brand your role to stand out in the market, resulting in quicker time-to-fill, and higher quality/relevant submissions.
Our Desire to Make Your Business Succeed
By dedicating our efforts to hiring the top 20%, the quality inside your company will rise, your products will increase in value, and your market reception will improve.