Face-To-Face Recruitment Or Digital All The Way? Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

Face-To-Face Recruitment Or Digital?

Attracting the top talent can be tricky – after all, they’re the top talent for a reason and usually end up having the pick of job roles. So how can you make sure that your brand stands out from the crowd from the get-go, so that you don’t find yourself stuck with someone mediocre while your competition gets the cream of the crop?

Starting from the very beginning is a wise move, so make sure your recruitment methods are on point and exactly what the calibre of candidate you want would expect from a business they’d be keen to work with.

Research from ManpowerGroup Solutions suggests that you’d be very wise indeed to combine both in-person and digital recruitment strategies, and since global talent shortages have reached a 12-year high you need to make sure that you’re using tech to provide a better and more tailored experience for the savvy jobseekers of today.

“To attract the very best candidates, employers should use algorithms and contextual retargeting, which means using a candidate’s browsing history and correlating this to career interests. A customised strategy is the only way to go, blending great technology and great personal experiences. This is what creates a standout candidate experience,” ManpowerGroup’s Kate Donovan said.

And it’s not just worth considering this from the candidate’s perspective… what about you and your brand? Think about it – a bad hire for a £40,000 job vacancy can cost you more than £100,000 so it’s worth making sure that you know what you’re doing where digital recruitment in Manchester is concerned, or who knows who you’ll end up with coming through the door each day.