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How To Ask For A Pay Raise

As much as job satisfaction is important, so is pay, and that is often a catalyst in employees heading to creative recruitment agencies in Manchester to find a new job. Before you jump ship, Fox Business offers some helpful tips on how to negotiate a pay rise at work when you feel the time is right.

Do research to find out what you should be being paid for the role you’re in – you could find that your pay is about average or that you’re underpaid. Speak to others in a similar role and find out if they’re earning a similar amount. Alternatively speak to a recruitment agency that specialise in your sector and will have an in-depth knowledge of what the average salary for someone at your level is – it can open your eyes to other opportunities available also.

Don’t go all guns blazing into your manager’s office – carefully consider the time and place to talk about a potential pay rise. If you go in with an unreasonable attitude, it may give your manager an easy way out. Three months before you’re due to have a work review is a good time, as the conversations will already be taking place amongst management.

When speaking about a pay rise, look at it from a business perspective and explain why you deserve it, and refer to relevant projects you’ve been working on in the company that have added to your worth. Avoid getting emotional and mentioning that you need money for any reason as it won’t be a relevant factor for most businesses.