I noticed these words creeping into more and more CVs, linkedin and twitter bios now you can write whatever you want in your bio. But I am going to explain which terms you shouldn’t use … Eye rolling terms which don’t quite have the effect you are looking for.

1. Humble: The irony of using such a term is that humble people don’t feel the need to mention that they themselves are humble. Too late not hearing your protests you arrogant b*stard.

2. Honest: “If I can be honest”, the personification that what you are actually saying is actually I have not been honest for the last few moment. Not a skill worth highlighting as it indicates you don’t believe others hold the same skill. We do we just don’t have to put as much effort into being honest as you!

3. Rock star: I mean if you are actually in a Rock Band and you play music then you know I guess I genuinely have no leg to stand on. What’s more likely is you are more of a band manager so you know you aint fooling anybody.

4. Visionary: You ain’t Steve Jobs you ain’t Elon Musk. You sell clothes on Ebay, a tricky job but I don’t think it’s good to put yourself in the firing line so openly.

5. Expert: I will be the judge of that thank you very much, can’t just be throwing the expert word around like that. “Inference” let the person infer your value try not to impose it lest you make a rod for your expert back.

6. Guru: See Ninja

7. Ninja: The piece de la resistance, the term that I see pop up from time to time which has an un relenting ability to make me not throw up but certainly a feeling a nausea that I usually reserve for thinking I left the cooker on. If you are happy for the world to think of you like the karate kid be my guest.

Well no as I would never invite you to anything tbf …..


I hope this helped or to discuss roles, companies and why this list wasn’t up to 10 …..