Ecommerce has been the biggest trend in retail in the last few years. With more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon and getting themselves a online store for their products, it seems like this trend will not disappear soon.

Actually, it’s the future of shopping – even if brick and mortar stores are still going to exist, they’re going to coordinate more and more closely with ecommerce.

With every new trend in technology comes its own set of challenges. Last year, it was reported by ecommerce companies that their biggest challenges lied in hiring and staff retention. It’s a highly competitive market and ecommerce specialists seem to be constantly moving on to the next challenge.

In this article, we’ll discuss these issues in depth and how to keep them from harming your ecommerce business – or how to take preventive measures so it will never happen again in your company.

Team Maintenance

If there’s one thing that’s important for every company, is keeping your employees happy. This is especially true in the world of ecommerce, in which challenges will only keep your recent hires entertained for a while.

There’s much more to a job than just exciting challenges, because these drain over time and leave boring maintenance jobs that have to be performed by someone. You have to keep your employees excited with new career prospects and a chance to perform different tasks over time. But that’s far from enough.

As your company evolves, you should give your employees some perks – pay rises are just an example. According to research, the most valued offer from the employees’ point of view is contributory pension, but there are many things you can do to make your employees feel glad to be working for you.

Add to that life insurance, maternity and paternity paid leave, a gym subscription, anything you think could be a good fit according to your company’s culture and type of employees. If you have a lot of mothers in your workforce, it’s a good idea to help with daycare while they work at your company.

Even installing a beer fridge in your office could be a good measure, to help your employees unwind and chill over a cold beer. You can also offer fruit as a healthy snack that is available for everyone who wants it; not everyone has time to pack their snacks before leaving for work. Also provide team building opportunities, like a company getaway every year or a few times a year.

Make sure to respect every employee’s contribution whether it be an idea, an exceptionally well done task, and make sure your employees know you have their back. A welcoming environment that makes every employee feel recognised for their good job is essential into having a great ecommerce office.

Listen to your staff: they might be your best evangelists if you make them feel happy and part of the team. Don’t leave anyone outside: if it is necessary, make weekly catch-ups to get to know what each person is doing and if they’re performing well, congratulate them. If they’re having issues, be understanding and open to help them figure out the solution.

New Hires

The second biggest challenge in ecommerce is finding the right fit for your company. You need to have your hiring process properly set up, with each interview being thought out, planned and scripted to make sure you are leveraging all candidates by the same criteria.

It’s not enough to find someone who is just average or just “okay” with your company’s culture: you need to find someone who’s perfect for the job, being in terms of skills or about fitting your company just right. The right person should fit in straight away with the company’s lore, being easily adapted to your team and each person’s quirks and motivations.

For ecommerce recruitment in Europe, you’ll probably need ecommerce recruitment specialists. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, contact WunderTalent. We’ll help both you and your candidate figure out if you’re the right fit for each other.

Digital recruitment specialists will make sure your candidate knows what he’s in for, what your company’s culture is all about, and what to expect working for you. Tech recruitment agencies will also help your company evaluate each candidate according to the type of person you’re looking for.

They can help you triage candidates and figure out the requisites for the job opening you have. As your company grows, you’ll need more and more help with this process, and it’s okay – that’s what tech recruitment agencies are for.

We hope we have eased your worries with your ecommerce business about these two issues. Sometimes, the things that are the simplest seem too outlandish for a company that’s still growing. There’s no problem with that.

Your company needs to evolve as your customer base grows, and maintaining your employees happy and getting new hires is just part of your concerns. However, remember that without employees, it’s the same as having no customers – your company would not be where it is right now without either of them. Make sure your employees are happy and satisfied with their positions, and make sure to make the right hires. Your company’s future depends on it.