Best Ways to Find New Employees Wundertalent Tech Recruitment

When you’re hiring for your company, it is essential to have the right strategy. That will help you get the talent you need, even if it takes a little bit more of effort than just a job posting in a website. In this article, we’ll discuss a few strategies that can help you get the right fit for your company.

Contact Mutual Connections
LinkedIn is a great tool to help you find the people you need for your company. Look for people within your network who could refer you to the right professionals, or contact directly the people you’re targeting. Sometimes, if you notice you have contacts in common with the professional you’re after, it helps to get in touch with those contacts and ask them if they could talk to their contact instead. Be specific and polite in your request.

Use Social Networks
Facebook can be of great help when targeting possible candidates for your job opening. You can either reach out to your network and ask for people to refer candidates according to the skills needed. You can also draw a Facebook Ads campaign targeting people with the interests and abilities you want, or tap into Facebook Groups which are related to the subjects your best candidates will be interested in.
If you’re looking for developers, you could try and reach out for them through GitHub, where the forums are populated by good developers who want to learn new skills or teach other people through the topics. GitHub is a great source for SaaS developers, since most users are highly experienced in the topics discussed. You can also check out Stack Overflow to look for developers: look out for users with good ratings and you’ll find the best developers out there.

No Geographic Limits
If you need someone new for your team, sometimes it’s difficult to find the right person close to your company’s headquarters. This is why it’s important not to limit yourself geographically – use remote work when possible. Remote work is an affordable and easy solution to many of your issues finding candidates in the area of expertise you require. There are plenty of solutions for companies wanting to use remote candidates – several websites provide you with a platform to post remote jobs.

Reach Out for Colleges and Professors
It’s always good to be connected with your local college and a few college professors. That will give you a lasting solution for getting candidates for your jobs through the students who are finishing their degrees. Being in touch with your local college will always be a good source for finding new professionals who are eager to learn and who have the basic skills you need for the job. Reach out for professors at your closest college and ask them which of their students are most likely to integrate seamlessly in your team. You’ll likely have recommendations of great students which will make excellent professionals.

Have an Internship Program
Many large and medium sized companies have paid internship programs which will help students learn some skills necessary to their degree. This might help you get new professionals which will love to integrate your team later on. Paid internship programs are a great way to integrate new professionals into your team by working on small projects which don’t require much expertise. Then they’ll be able to take on bigger projects without help using the knowledge they gathered as interns for your company.

Get the Whole Team Involved in your Interviews
Conduct a panel of team members to interview your possible candidates. This might seem a little bit difficult to manage, but it’s great to help find out if you have the right person for the job. Every team member should be briefed about the interview and be able to ask some questions of his or her own. This also helps with integrating the new person into your team, since they’ll know everyone they’ll be working with from early on. It’s also a great way to dismiss incompatible candidates, with more feedback from different members of the team. More importantly, you’ll get some straightforward answers to questions the right candidate should know how to deal with.

Hire software recruitment specialists
If you don’t have time to manage the recruitment process and live in the London or Manchester areas, WunderTalent can help you. When looking for SaaS recruitment agencies in London, WunderTalent will be your best choice. Hiring a company to do the recruitment for you saves your team’s time and yours, since these SaaS recruitment specialists will know exactly what to look for in a candidate, allowing you to focus on integrating your new team member when he or she arrives. You’ll still get a say in the recruitment process, except you’ll be helped by recruitment experts which will understand your needs for this job and give you all the necessary advice. These software recruitment specialists in London will provide you the best candidates for your job and help you all along the hiring process so it all goes without a hitch.

Find Employees Internally
This might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes, the people you have working at your company already could be better at their job if scaled for another position. Reach out to your employees and try to find about any other skills they might have. Maybe the person you hired to be your secretary has awesome HR skills that you never noticed – the examples can be endless. This is not easy to implement across the whole company, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Use a Carefully Written Ad
A biased ad can return not so diverse employees. If you’re looking to improve the diversity in your team, it’s of the utmost importance to write your ad paying attention to the message you’re sending across. Just saying you want to add diversity to your team won’t do as many people will see it as just a marketing gimmick. Carefully draft your ad in order to communicate to people from different backgrounds, different genders, different cultures. Make sure your copy is inclusive and won’t refrain candidates from applying just because they think your company’s too square to accept them.

Advertise Jobs in Your Website
It’s always good to have a “Hiring” page in your company’s website. Even if you’re not hiring at the moment, you’ll get a good database of possible candidates when you need them. Plus, you’ll know those candidates were actively looking for a position in your company, not just because they needed a job. Those are valuable leads for finding the right person for your team when you need to hire again. You can also get good freelancers from those contacts, which leads us to the next point.

Hire Freelancers
Do you actually need to hire a person who’ll be full time at your company, most of the time with no assigned tasks? You need to assess your needs when hiring to make sure you get the best out of your company’s resources. Sometimes, a freelancer is the best solution for a job that will be seldom required at your company. As an example, if you need some work done on a client’s website but your company does not get many requests for development, it might be useful to have a freelancer of your choice. This freelancer needs to be reliable to hand in his assignments well done and on time, but the same tips we gave before for hiring anyone apply. You can also use a freelancer platform to assign your tasks to someone and be safe that your work will be in good hands.

These are just a few ideas that could improve and even revolutionise your hiring process. If you need software recruitment specialists in London, WunderTalent is here for you to help you streamline your SaaS and tech hiring processes so that you won’t waste any time finding the right person for your tech job. Contact us today and discover how we can help your company.