The Team

Tarek Elshennawy -Recruitment Consultant

Matt Williams – Director

Jay Andrew Odeka – Director

Rik Packer – Recruitment Consultant

Our motto – It’s better to have a hole than an A**hole in the team


“We had the opportunity to add WüNDER_TALENT to our already long list of recruitment agencies in 2019.

Within that time the speed and level of people they share with us won their position to the top. The professionalism and dedication they have always shown give us the trust we needed to reply on them with more senior and strategic positions needed to achieve our business goals.

Again, they also excel, setting the bar in an unbeatable position for all the other agencies out there!”

Vice President of Technology, Global IT Software Consultancy

“We have been dealing with WüNDER_TALENT now for just under a year.

The two directors came down to see us and took the time to fully understand not only our business, but exactly the type of people we were looking for.

For me, it’s easy finding people with the right skills, but much less so finding people with the right behaviours, attitude and work ethic, which is what WüNDER_TALENT manage to find me each and every time. This is clearly one of their USPs.

I very much strongly recommend them. “

Head of People Services , Insurance tech provider

“We work in a very tough space when it comes to talent and the type of skills that we want to attract. Demand is high and supply low!

WüNDER_TALENT are experts in their field and have the resilience required for a high demand market. As Brand Ambassadors it is imperative for the longevity of success and talent retention, that they are ‘true storytellers’ about the great, good and sometimes challenging aspects of our culture.

Since 2019 they have proven themselves time and time again, protected our story and ensured we had the best introductions to the top talent, not just available talent.

We are proud to call them a preferred supplier and highly recommend them. “

Head of Talent , SaaS provider

“After struggling to make several key hires within my new business, It was personally recommended that I work with WüNDER_TALENT for my new business venture.

As soon as my team and I met the guys at WüNDER_TALENT they successfully made the key hires we were missing. I made the decision to outsource our entire recruitment process to them, they are so passionate about what they do and have a unique approach to talent attraction and risk and reward, which made them feel on our side rather than many other recruiters who just chase commission!

WüNDER_TALENT had a dedicated member of their team onsite with us full time who quickly built strong relationships with our hiring managers and staff to really understand our culture. The last thing we want is for a new starter to leave due to a clash of values or cultural unease and that’s what separates WüNDER_TALENT from everyone else… they get us and who would fit in!

My advice to anyone in a similar position is identifying a trusted partner so they share in the success and risk of staff placement with you and who care as much about your success as their own.”